Cyber Protection Insurance

If your business has a website or you keep electronic records, you may be vulnerable to cyber hackers. In fact, it’s increasingly likely that your business will suffer a cyber attack at some stage.

At BMS, our national team has developed a specialty around emerging risks, of which cyber has become an important area over the last decade. Such risks are becoming more apparent in recent times for large enterprise as well as smaller businesses.

Our extensive experience in Cyber Protection Insurance in Australia is supported by our global business network which assists our team with rapid feedback on emerging international issues.

There are a wide range of Cyber Protection Insurance policies, all of which vary in the benefits they provide.

Our team is uniquely placed to work with you to identify the specific risks faced by your business and to help you understand the policy best suited to your requirements.

At BMS, we understand that insurance for your business is protecting your livelihood. That’s why we spend the time to understand your unique situation and build a policy to suit.

Why not contact us to get the full picture on cyber risk and details on Cyber Protection Insurance.

“The scale and reach of malicious cyber activity affecting Australian public and private sector organisations and individuals is unprecedented. The rate of compromise is increasing, and the methods used by malicious actors are rapidly evolving.”

Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy Report, 2016


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