Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation insurance was introduced to ensure there were adequate levels of support and compensation for workers in the event of an accident. In Australia today, Workers' Compensation insurance is a legal requirement for all employees and it serves to protect both employees and employers.

Our team at BMS Australia has been working with large and small business for decades.

This affords us the insight and the foresight necessary to identify the policy best suited to each of our clients needs. And because we have no constraints on the types of industry we serve, we have a wealth of knowledge around the nuances of different market segments and their related risk. We appreciate, for example, that retail is far different to mining; whilst professional services differs from construction; etc.

Whatever your industry, market segment or business focus, our specialist team can help you navigate your way to the best possible outcome... one that protects the livelihoods or everyone involved.

Types of cover

  • Employees’ wages – if they’re not fit to work.
  • Employee injury – cost of their rehabilitation and medication.

    At BMS, we are motivated to protect the livelihoods of business owners and their workforce, no matter how big or small.

    If you have a Workers’ Compensation query, please contact BMS to secure an obligation free personal assessment of your needs.

    “Poor work health and safety costs $5,000 per worker each year and equates to 4.1 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product. This doesn’t even touch on the immeasurable cost of grief and trauma to workers and their families.”

    Diane Smith-Gander Chair - Safe Work Australia


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