Business Insurance

A business can take years to build, but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes. That’s why businesses need to protect themselves with business insurance.

Every business, across every segment is as different as the people that run it. This means that there should never be an ‘off the shelf’ solution when it comes to protecting the livelihood of a business (and its stakeholders).

At BMS, we take the time to understand how a business operates and the circumstances that make it unique. This allows us to craft an insurance solution that protects the business and ultimately, the livelihood of it’s stakeholders.

The solutions we define consider the total business and the related areas of risk, from property damage, to equipment failure, theft, tax and audit issues and business interruption.

Depending on your type of business, cover will vary. What will never vary is the focus of our BMS team to provide a solution uniquely tailored to your needs.

At BMS we understand the importance of protecting your business and your livelihood and we have many years of experience helping large and small business owners with policies designed to the specific needs of their particular business.

“Having the right insurance will help protect your business and minimise its exposure to risk. This may include insuring your business, your income and your commercial risk.”

Department of Innovation, industry and science 2018


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