Mining Insurance

Mining companies today face an increasing set of challenges from hostile environments and hazardous conditions to increasing regulations and pressure related to global climate issues.

For mining company owners, exploration companies and mining service suppliers, managing risk presents an increasingly more complex challenge.

At BMS, the depth of our local experience and the knowledge available from our global network means that we are uniquely placed to advise and guide our mining and resources clients as to the solution uniquely tailored to their risk profile.

Australia’s mining monthly safety incident statistics are causing regulators across the Australian mining industry to take a hard look at mine safety practices over the forthcoming year.

90 Events pcm

The NSW Resources Regulator’s reportable statistics form part of Australia’s mining monthly safety statistics and are showing approximately 90 reportable events occur each month.

Source: Australasian Mining Safety Journal

High Injury Risks

An incidence rate for claims on 9.3 per 1,000 employees, still reflects the high number of compensatable injuries encountered by the industry.

Source: Australasian Mining Safety Journal


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