Parametric Insurance

Environmental uncertainty has become more apparent over the last 30 years and the volatility in the Australian climate and landscape has made Parametric insurance a foundation strategy for many local businesses looking to manage their risk.

At BMS, our specialists have vast experience across a range of different industries, including (but not limited to) construction, food and beverage, renewable energy, agriculture, financial services, transportation and tourism. As many businesses in these segments have recently found themselves in challenging circumstance, it is the strength of a well-considered policy, developed with the help of a BMS specialist, that has seen them successfully navigate their individual challenges.

Rather than thinking about Parametric insurance as an off-the-shelf cover, why not speak to one of our specialists about a policy that is uniquely geared to your particular circumstance.

The fact is, should disaster strike, you need liquidity and a Parametric Solution ensures a fast payment process, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Parametric insurance can cover the pre agreed sum. This can address many factors including loss of income and replacement value of asset. One of the key benefits of a Parametric Solution is flexibility.

Other benefits include:

  • Cover risks traditional insurance can’t
  • Transparent Claims Process
  • The Insured is in control
  • Breadth of applicability

Contact BMS to talk to a broker and get a personal assessment of your needs and expert advice on the key risks you need to cover.


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